Apple Watch Accessories That Actually Don’t Cost a Fortune

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If you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing an Apple Watch, you’ve probably put some thought into how you’ll want to customize the wearable. Apple offers a variety of options, but what if you’re looking for something outside the (pristine white) box for your latest Apple product? And preferably something that won’t break the bank?

Luckily, there are plenty of third-party-manufacturers up to the task. Whether you’re looking for a charger that’s different than Apple’s standard white, accessories to add a little protection to your new investment, or simply something to make it look your own, read on for our picks of Apple Watch accessories that won’t cost you a fortune.

Casetify is perfect for Apple Watch owners who aren’t in love with Apple’s standard watch bands. It enables you to make your own bands using your Instagram and Facebook photos or designs by artists from around the world. For $70, you can get a band made of a polycarbonate strap and a stainless steel adapter and buckle. You can also choose a custom size appropriate for the circumference of your wrist.

The Charging Stand for Apple Watch from DodoCase integrates Apple’s MagSafe charger into a walnut stand intended for your bedside table or your desk. It’s handcrafted in San Francisco and is compatible with all strap designs and all Apple Watch models. Its steel base enables you to remove the watch with one hand, and its “travel mode” lets you wrap the cable and charger together compactly. It’s available to pre-order for $99.95.

Click for Apple Watch

Click is a watch band adapter that enables you to use any standard 22mm watch band with the Apple Watch, so that you can customize your watch without limiting yourself to Apple’s selections (or paying the price for Apple Watch-specific bands). Click is made of durable polymer, aluminum, or stainless steel, and comes in two sizes to accommodate the different Apple Watch models. Click is available to pre-order starting at $24.99.

The Composure Collection from Rest is a great option if you want to customize a storage and display solution for your Apple Watch, iPhone, and the accessories that you usually keep on your dresser, nightstand, or desk. Rest offers a phone bed, an Apple Watch dock, and an organizer bed, all made of premium walnut and sustainable cork inlays. The integrated magnetic system enables you to add, remove, and reorder pieces, which cost $68 each.

The DOCK for Apple Watch from Native Union features a rotating arm to maximize versatility when you’re charging your Apple Watch. The DOCK is built of graphite silicone and aircraft-grade aluminum, and features an adjustable angle and reversible design that enables you to use your Apple Watch horizontally or vertically while it’s charging. The DOCK is available to pre-order for $49.99 and will begin shipping in August.

The Nomad Stand for the Apple Watch is a charing stand with a minimal aesthetic. At $59.95, and available in Space Gray or Silver, it’s built from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a cable routing channel on its back side. That enables you to keep the charging cable discreetly out of sight while charging your Apple Watch on your desk or nightstand.

OVA is a dock for the Apple Watch, and holds the MagSafe charger in place between a walnut top and steel bottom. Rubber feet and felt keep the dock from scratching your furniture. The OVA is handcrafted in Germany and costs about $85, and has been featured on a variety of design and tech-focused blogs for its minimal, luxury aesthetic.

The Pocket Stand from Pad & Quill is a unique charging stand that holds the MagSafe connector and can be folded up (with the magnet still in place) to become a slim case for carrying the charger with you. The stand is handmade in Minneapolis from a single piece of either American cherry or African mahogany. It costs $69.99 and will ship in late May.

POD for Apple Watch

The Pod for Apple Watch is another watch accessory from Nomad, and promises four charges of the Apple Watch in your pocket. The device houses an 1800 mAh lithium battery, which can charge not only your Apple Watch, but any USB-powered device that can plug into the Type A port. You can also wrap the Apple Watch’s cable into the Pod, for a portable charger and cable manager all in one device, which costs $59.95.

Similarly, the WatchStand from Griffin lets you charge an Apple Watch with a fully flexible or semi-flexible band horizontally or vertically. Priced at $29.99, it also keeps the cable connector in place and ready to charge, and stores excess cable length in its central post. The WatchStand’s base can also hold your iPhone, angled for easy viewing, to keep everything organized.

The Wipowerband provides wireless charging for the Apple Watch via a polymer band with an integrated 250 man lithium battery. It fits on the inside the Apple Watch on the back of the band, and to charge up its battery you just need a Lightning cable. The Wipowerband costs $89 for a 38mm Apple Watch or $99 for one for the 42mm model.

The X-Doria Defense Edge products the edges of your Apple Watch with an aluminum exterior and a soft rubber lining. It’s easy to install, with a quick snap-on design, and is compatible with all Apple Watch models and wristbands. The X-Doria Defense Edge costs $29.99 for either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch and will ship in late May.

All of our previous choices have been pretty budget-friendly. But as a bonus for the Apple Watch owners out there who define “budget-friendly” as accessories that just cost less than the purchase of the Apple Watch itself, we found several more-expensive upgrades to consider.

The Reserve Strap is a watchband that charges your Apple Watch as you wear it. The strap comes in white, gray, and black, and will fit the 38mm and 42mm case sizes. The Reserve Strap uses the 6-pin port underneath the band slide of the Apple Watch, and the first straps will ship in the fall to pre-order customers. While the Reserve Strap is pricier than most of the accessories we’ve featured here at $249.99, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a sleek way to boost your watch’s battery life without needing to take it off to charge.

And if you have the funds to upgrade your Apple Watch to a new level of luxury — but not quite enough to spring for the Apple Watch Edition — consider WatchPlate, which will gold plate your stainless steel Apple Watch face, band, or both for a flat fee of $399. (WatchPlate can also plate the stainless steel hardware on a leather band.) You can choose 18-karat yellow gold or rose gold, and the turnaround is an impressive four days.

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