Here Are Amazon’s New Software PROMISES

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is upgrading the software for its entry-level Kindle e-reader, changing the user interface and adding stronger parental controls. The company’s 4.1.0 software update for the fourth-generation device will bring in a reading font that promises to enhance the reading experience by making it more “paper-like” with its increased contrast and crisper look.

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The free update will install automatically over Wi-Fi over the next few weeks, or users have the option of downloading it directly from Amazon right away.

New parental controls will help restrict access to features like the web browser, archived items, and the Kindle Store. The update will also add support for new book types, such as books with complex layouts, those that use Kindle Format 8, or children’s books with Kindle Text Pop-Up. The update also promises better dictionary organization and improved table and image viewing that enables panning and zooming.

The non-touch screen version of the Kindle with no keyboard is available for $79 with advertisements, or for $109 without.

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