A NEW Milestone for Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone now accounts for over a third of all smartphones in use in the U.S., and the market share of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) device is growing. While Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android platform continues to lead with more than half of the market share at 52.2 percent, it fell by 1.4 percentage points from the first quarter of the year. Apple’s share rose by 2 percentage points in the last quarter to be up at 33.4 percent.

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In the three-month period between April and July, there were more than 114 million smartphone owners in the U.S., representing a 7 percent increase from April.

Of those, the biggest loser was Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM), which ranked third with a 9.5 percent share but saw a drop of 2.1 percentage points. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) continued to struggle to make a mark despite its new partnership with Nokia (NYSE:NOK), and was actually down from its April mark of 4 percent to 3.6 percent now. Nokia’s in-house Symbian platform accounted for 0.8 percent, down from 1.3 percent.

Splitting the Android share among manufacturers, including those of standard, non-smartphone devices, Samsung was top of the pile at a 25.6 percent share of the market, down 0.3 percentage points. LG was next at 18.5 percent, while Apple came in third overall with its 16.3 percent. The iPhone maker’s share went up from 14.4 percent in the previous quarter. Google arm Motorola and HTC were in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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