Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Busy Week

What’s a week for a company like Apple and its shareholders? New deals in uncharted markets that have the potential of attaching sales to a beanstalk, the stock of related (and sometimes unrelated) companies dipping and rising on whiffs of rumors, a handful of lawsuits that can potentially change industry trends, and unending guesses about what’s going on at its super-secret laboratories. Followers of Apple can have a hard time trudging through the wild weeds of information on the company. Cutting through the junk, here are five stories that mattered most in the world of Apple this week:

China Calling

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may get even bigger very soon after the chairman of the biggest mobile phone provider in the world by number of subscribers gave a public thumbs-up to a potential deal with the company. Xi Guohua, the chairman of China Mobile (NYSE:CHL), told shareholders that talks were on with Apple and a deal could come fairly soon. China Mobile had 667.2 million subscribers at the end of March, which means it will be a big win for Apple as tries to go big in the country. Of course, Apple is yet to even release its third-generation iPad in the China, which leaves it with added hope of rosier days to come. China Mobile’s Xi said here: Will This Deal Help Apple Conquer China?

iPhone Makeover

iPhone Makeover: According to a new report, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs himself worked on developing a larger display screen for the iPhone, which gives credence to the idea that the company may finally be looking to change the dimensions of the display of its flagship phone for the first time in seven years. Word is that the new iPhone will have a screen that measures 4 inches diagonally. Then there is the buzz on the phone’s potential launch date, with majority consensus hinting at an October release. The anticipation for the phone is so high that sales of mobile phones have slipped as people hold off on making a new purchase. Read more about the possible new iPhone screen here: Will This Be Steve Jobs’ Last Contribution to the iPhone?

Samsung Gets Screwed

Blow to Rival: A federal appeals court has ruled that Apple will be allowed to ask for a ban on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets in the U.S. while their patent-infringement case is pending. Apple has been accusing Samsung of having violated its patents on its Galaxy line through suits in multiple countries, with the Korean company being forced to make alterations on a few devices. This latest ruling gives Apple the power to demand a sales block in the U.S., which, if acted upon, can make a huge impact on its biggest current rival. Read about the case here: SHOCKER: Apple Can Demand a BAN on This Competitor

Samsung Has Its Revenge

Losing Out: The proof of just how big of a nuisance Samsung is turning out to be for Apple lies in a research report from this week. According to a Gartner report on mobile phone sales, Samsung not only displaced Nokia (NYSE:NOK) as the top global mobile handset vendor, but also pushed Apple off its No. 1 smartphone seller perch. Samsung sold 38 million smartphones globally during the first quarter of the year to Apple’s 35 million. Get into the details here: Apple and Nokia Dethroned By This Growth Giant

That’s a Spicy Meatball

The California company was also told this week that its lawyers will have to suit up in the e-book price setting case. Apple, along with book publishers Macmillan and Penguin (NYSE:PSO) had been hoping to get their case versus the Department of Justice dismissed, but their petition has been overruled. The DOJ has accused six companies (three publishers have already settled) of colluding to raise prices of e-books, and the result of the case can have far-reaching effects on the whole publishing and book sales industry. The judge said she thought the “conduct by all parties would be unlawful under the rule of reason,” and left them with no option but to argue their case. Read more about what happened here: Apple Won’t Get a Break in E-Book Lawsuit