Why is China ATTACKING Baidu and Google?

China is making another concerted attempt to take on the popular Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), announcing that the government-owned search engine Jike will now accept advertising on its site. Jike was launched in June 2011 by the state-owned People’s Daily newspaper.

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The Chinese government has long been criticized, especially by foreign Internet companies, for its imposed censorship of online content. Google, in fact, has added a new feature that is designed to notify users when their searches are being blocked by censors.

Jike has been slow to gather pace since its launch with barely any special features while local rival Baidu, which holds 80 percent of the market, ventures into cloud storage as well as mobile and browser space. Jike, which translates to ‘immediate’, only recently included web pages, images, and video, to its news search feature. But it is beginning to expand slowly, announcing a Google Android app and detailing a new commercial strategy. The search engine said it is hoping to attract small- and medium-sized firms to advertise on the site and plans to offer free advertising for up to 1,000 enterprises over the next three years, according to China Daily.

A Jike statement translated by the state-run paper notes that “Jike.com still has a long way to go compared with Baidu or Google,” adding that its goal is to “transmit information in a fair and barrier-free manner” and “provide the most natural search results to its users.”

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