Apple and Samsung Continue to Duke it Out in Legal Ring

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung are making their patent-infringement case in a California district court messier and messier. A new report says that earlier this month, Apple accused Samsung of destroying “vast quantities of evidence.” According to Network World, Apple’s motion filed with the Northern District Court of California on May 1 accuses Samsung with “spoilation of evidence.”

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Apple has claimed that the number of documents provided by Samsung witnesses was much lower than expected.

“Samsung’s ad hoc, unmonitored email ‘preservation’ methods have resulted in the irretrievable loss of unknown volumes of relevant emails,” Apple wrote in the motion. “For example, Judge Grewal recently compelled the deposition of Won Pyo Hong, the head of Samsung’s Product Strategy Team, in part due to an email in which Dr.Hong ‘directly orders side-by-side comparisons of Apple and Samsung products for design presentations.’

“Apple and the Court cannot possibly know how many more emails Dr. Hong sent or received that would have supported Apple’s claims that Samsung copied Apple products had they not been deleted,” Apple wrote.

Samsung has been ordered to reply by May 15, and the court will hear out Apple’s claims on June 7. However, Samsung is reportedly asking the court for more time to file its brief and has asked the hearing to be pushed back to July 10.

Earlier, the two companies made strange requests to the court in the case. Apple wanted Samsung’s logo to be hidden from court video equipment, while the latter asked the court to ban “Apple-related blogs and articles by non-expert newspaper reporters, regarding any assessment of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung and/or their products.”

Wonder what’s next.

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