Here’s Why Apple Failed the Green Test

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been downgraded to sixth place in the latest Guide to Greener Electronics report from Greenpeace, with the independent environmental activism group blaming the two-spot slip on the iPhone maker’s “lack of transparency.” According to Greenpeace, there were several key problems with Apple, including shortcomings in its “GHG [greenhouse gas] emission reporting, clean energy advocacy, further information on its management of toxic chemicals, and details on post-consumer recycled plastic use.”

Greenpeace has previously also criticized Apple for its lack of transparency in environment issues. In the latest report, the group said the iPhone maker received half marks in sustainable operations and did not score high on e-waste criteria, largely losing points for lacking a robust take-back program in India.

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“However, it continues to score points for its global take-back program, reporting that 2010 global recycling exceeded its 70 percent goal (as a percentage of sales 7 years ago), a level that it is confident it will maintain through 2015,” the report added. “Together with Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), Apple is a top scorer for policies and practices regarding conflict minerals, but fails in developing a paper procurement policy banning suppliers involved in deforestation and illegal logging.”

The top spot in the rankings was awarded to Indian electronics firm Wipro, which displaced HP to second place. They were followed, in order, by Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Acer, and Dell (NASDAQ:DELL). Samsung was in seventh place, Sony (NYSE:SNE) came in eighth, Lenovo was ninth, and Research in Motion  (NASDAQ:RIMM) was in 16th place.

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