Here’s Why Apple’s iPhone Sales are DROPPING

Sales of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone have dropped over the past few months as consumers appear to wait for the rumored launch of its latest smartphone in the fall. Sales have also taken a hit from the growing popularity of Samsung’s newest device. The iPhone 4s was the most popular smartphone in the UK in June, with about 20 percent of the sales in June, according to Financial Times, but fell from a share of about a quarter at the beginning of March.

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While mobile operators say Apple fans have started waiting for the newer version of the device that may launch in September, the success of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has also taken a toll. The S3 model took close to 18 percent of the market in its first week in June. The Korean phone maker’s latest device has been well received and reviewed. Samsung announced last week that it expected global sales of the S3, launched at the end of May, to top 10 million during July.

Smartphones are now used by more than half of mobile owners in the UK, with Apple still the leading device brand with a 31 percent share. Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android is the leading operating system with a 39 percent share.

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