Here’s Why Some Twitter Users Don’t Like the New 280-Character Limit

Get ready, tweeters, as you may soon be able to express yourself within a longer, 280-character tweet limit. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed Tuesday the company is testing the doubled character limit for a select group of users. Surprise, surprise: Not everyone is liking it.

Twitter tests doubling each tweet’s character limit

Twitter’s 140-character limit has been doubled to 280 characters in a test which rolled out to a select group of users Tuesday, CEO Jack Dorsey announced. Users have expressed various opinions on the matter. | Mary Turner/Getty Images

In a 280-character (what else?) tweet announcing the test, Dorsey noted the 140-character limit (which has been around since 2006) was an arbitrary choice based on the 160-character standard SMS limit. “Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet,” he said. “And at the same time maintaining our brevity speed, and essence!”

The 140-character limit has been in effect since the social media channel was born in 2006. Dorsey himself mused in July 2007 about the character limit sometimes feeling too low:

While having twice the space to express one’s thoughts could sometimes be a very good thing, will the Twittersphere ultimately lose out if the brevity, and often simplicity, imposed by the 140-character limit, is lifted? It could take twice as long to scroll through one’s feed. How many tweets will now never be seen by many users? Will it give frustrated users just one more reason to consider leaving Twitter? Is giving users 280 characters to express themselves giving them way too much?

Tweeter Brian Barone, a PhD student, proved the point when he took the time to edit Dorsey’s announcement tweet considerably:

A tweeting Jesuit priest likened the longer character limit to preaching: “I’m sorry, but I didn’t have time to prepare a short homily.”

Some users expressed frustration that this change took place, when what many really wanted was the addition of an “edit” button for one’s existing tweets.

Some users made added some humor to the situation: