Honda Wows With This New “Hands” Ad


Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC) has been making news for its Accord Hybrid and other well-reviewed automobiles, but the company wants to remind everyone it has bigger things on its plate. An ad released by Honda, titled “Hands,” has been wowing viewers online. Featuring a pair of hands that starts with a nut and creates Honda’s most advanced machines, it presents a condensed version of the company’s achievements throughout its 65 years in existence.

“Let’s see what curiosity can do” is the ad’s opening line, and a pair of engineer’s hands take it from there. A nut rolls across the screen. The engineer grabs it and fashions a motorcycle, before twisting it into a classic racing bike. The world’s largest engine manufacturer next flashes its full array of products, from lawnmowers and compact cars to racing vehicles and the ASIMO robot.

Honda’s water-producing car might be the most puzzling entry in the video. After seeing the car in motion, the hands pick it up and drain some water into a glass (the engineer promptly quenches his thirst with its contents). That’s Honda’s FCX, the hydrogen-fuel cell ride that produces only water as its emissions.

More Honda vehicles eventually give way to an airplane, which takes off and leaves the viewer wanting more. London’s Wieden + Kennedy was the agency behind the video. Smith & Foulkes directed the spot, which is sure to take prizes at the next ceremony for awards in advertising.

Honda clearly sees a future in its green efforts in the auto industry. The company announced earlier in the week it would partner with General Motors (NYSE:GM) on fuel cell technology that would produce an alternative to electric cars. The zero-emissions concept would apply because, like Honda’s FCX, the only thing released from the vehicle would be water. The joint effort with GM would serve to keep production costs down, ultimately bringing a green automobile to consumers for less.

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