How Many Tablets Has Google Sold?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) may have sold between 800,000 and one million Nexus 7 tablets during the third quarter, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who made the estimate after analyzing the company’s earnings report from Thursday. While Google is usually not shy about reporting Android activations, it surprised many by not revealing Nexus 7 sales numbers.

But according to Munster, the “other income” line in Google’s earnings report offers up a hint to the number of tablets sold by the company, since it shows revenue of $666 million. Last year, the same entry showed revenue of $385 million during the same period. “We believe Google’s Other Income of $666 (compared to Street at $477) suggests that Google likely sold 800k-1m Nexus 7s in Q3,” Munster wrote. “Excluding our estimated Nexus 7 impact, core net revenues would have been up 2.5 percent quarter-over-quarter vs. 4.7 percent.”

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That would translate to an average of more than 10,000 tablets sold every day since it was announced in late June.

Meanwhile, Google chief executive Larry Page used the company’s conference call to urge investors to buy the tablet. “Today there are over half a billion Android devices-half a billion – with 1.3 million more being activated every day,” Page said. “You should all run out and buy the Nexus 7 tablet for $199. It’s had rave reviews and recently won Gadget of the Year from T3, the gadget experts. You’ll love the integration with Google Play. It is an amazing device.”

For the quarter, Google showed a profit of $2.18 billion or $6.53 a share, down from $2.73 billion and $8.33 a share a year ago.

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