How Much Cash is Google Play Generating Compared to iTunes?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play, released last month by the Internet giant, offers a digital storefront that can finally go head-to-head with Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iTunes because the Android Market, Google Books, Google Music, and more have been rolled into this more consolidated product. The new platform is now easy to find amid Google’s black navigation bar that appears atop any of its various offerings such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, Google Translate and others. Including the product in the nav bar sends a strong signal Google wants to make the media storefront a large part of its lineup since Google crossed the 1 billion unique monthly visitors mark last year.

Another differentiator from Apple is the platform is open to everyone, not just those with Android devices. However, visually Google Play is very similar to iTunes with small layout nuances setting them apart. The prices also seemed to be virtually the same at a glance. Will Shanklin of writes, “This is less about new functionality, and more about brand simplicity and unification.”

However, Google Play has a long way to go before comparing itself to iTune’s cash machine. Flurry Analytics notes, “Google Play revenue per active user is 23% of iTunes App Store revenue.” Adding more context “Earlier this month, Apple crossed a record 25 billion downloads from more than 550,000 available apps.  Google announced in December 2011 that it had crossed 10 billion downloads from 400,000 available apps.”

This isn’t to say the war is over … merely that Apple continues to win this battle. Keep an eye on these metrics next earnings season to keep track of your horse in the race.

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