HTC to Apple: The Battle Continues

HTC will acquire new patents or buy companies that own useful intellectual property in its attempts to fight off Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The Taiwanese company appears to be in a losing battle against the iPhone maker, with the International Trade Commission dismissing its latest complaint and Apple succeeding to some extent with its counter allegations.

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However, according to chairwoman Cher Wang, HTC will keep up the fight. “[The company] will apply for patents in different fields, and we will also purchase different kinds of patents, such as those owned by S3 Graphics,” Wang told reporters at the company’s new headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, The China Post reported.

Earlier this week, the ITC ruled that Apple’s devices don’t violate HTC’s patent on power management. The company had earlier lost a complaint in which it accused Apple of violating patents held by S3 Graphics. Apple, meanwhile, won a ruling that HTC had infringed its patent for detecting useful data, such as a phone number in an email.

Last month, Apple managed to hold up two of HTC’s Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android phones at U.S. Customs for a few days, and once those received clearance, proceeded to file another petition with the ITC, this time naming 27 other devices.

“In the U.S. particularly, it will be able to stop us by all means,” Wang said. “This is our challenge.”

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