IBM Gains An Edge With This Acquisition

IBM (NYSE:IBM) has announced that it acquired data analysis and migration software company Butterfly Software. The company offers storage planning software and storage migration tools. This move will help IBM tackle the increasingly difficult terrain of data center management as virtualization, data growth, and the public cloud complicate things.

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According to a report by Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), 80 percent of companies are having difficulty dealing with the increased complexity of their data centers. “As they virtualize more and more, the cost of storage and the cost of virtualization licenses and everything that falls out of that grows faster than expected,” says Symantec director of product marketing Danny Milrad.

Symantec, EMC (NYSE:EMC) and IBM, the top three storage software providers, are all affected by this problem as they try to offer clients the best solution. IBM “will use Butterfly to help clients find new ways to drive greater value from its storage software and hardware solutions.”

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