iPhony? Dubious iOS 8 Screenshot Images Leaked From China

Source: weibo.com via 9to5Mac.com

Source: weibo.com via 9to5Mac.com

Images that purport to show screenshots of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) unreleased iOS 8 operating system have been posted on Weibo, China’s popular microblogging website, reports 9to5Mac. However, the source of the leak is unknown and many industry commentators have questioned the authenticity of the images.

Despite lingering doubts about the genuineness of the screenshots, it should be noted that the apps detailed in the images appear to align with leaked iOS 8 information derived from other sources. For example, as seen in the image above that was obtained by 9to5Mac, there are icons for a Preview app and a TextEdit app. According to insider sources previously cited by 9to5Mac, Apple is supposedly developing iOS-optimized versions of the Mac-based applications for the upcoming iPhone 6.

The leaked screenshots also showed an icon for HealthBook, a fitness-tracking app that is also supposedly being developed for iOS 8, according to 9to5Mac’s insider sources. The HealthBook app icon consists of red, orange, and green color bands that represent blood pressure, calories burned, and heart rate, respectively. Another unfamiliar icon seen in the screenshot showed a white light bulb on top of a yellow background above a label that reads “Tips.”

Many industry watchers have predicted that Apple is developing an iWatch with health-monitoring capabilities that will operate as a peripheral device to the iPhone 6. The rumors of an iWatch with health-monitoring functions have been bolstered by several medical sensor expert hires recently made by Apple. As reported by NetworkWorld earlier this year, Apple hired Marcelo Lamego, a medical sensor expert who last worked for a medical device company that specializes in non-invasive health-monitoring technologies.

However, the inclusion of some rumored iOS 8 app icons in this leaked image does not necessarily mean that the image is a genuine screenshot of Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system. The creator of the image could have easily used the rumors about Apple’s iOS 8 to create a mockup of the operating system.

It should be noted that Weibo has been the source of many Apple leaks, both real and fake. For example, images that purported to show a fully-assembled iPhone 6 prototype emerged on the Chinese microblogging site last month. However, as noted by iDownloadBlog, the images were later determined to be phony when observant Apple watchers noted that the supposed prototype included incongruous FCC markings.

The source of the iOS 8 image leak also claimed that Apple will release a 5.5-inch or 5.7-inch iPhone. This claim would also align with previously reported rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone models. According to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, Apple will release two iPhones with larger screens this year, including one with a screen over 4.5 inches and another with a screen over 5 inches.

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