Is Apple CRUSHING Android Rivals in Court?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is on a legal roll against its various Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android rivals. Weeks after a landmark win against Samsung in the U.S, the iPhone maker has now won a ruling from a regional court in Munich, Germany, that allows it to file for an injunction against products of Google unit Motorola. Judge Peter Guntz ruled that Motorola violated an Apple patent related to the “rubber-banding” feature that causes a page on a mobile device to bounce back up after a user has swiped to the bottom of the screen.

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Apple is now allowed to request for a Germany-wide injunction on Motorola products by posting a euro 25 million bond, according to Foss Patents’ Florian Mueller. If Apple deposits another euro 10 million, it can also obligate Motorola to destroy any infringing material, and for yet another euro 10 million, it can ask for a product recall. Motorola will also be accountable for damages payable to Apple. According to Mueller, Google is highly likely to appeal the decision with the Munich Higher Regional Court.

Earlier this year, Apple had won two other injunctions against Motorola in Munich, one over a slide-to-unlock patent and another over a photo gallery patent. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) also won a patent case related to multi-part text message layer against the Google unit in Germany.

While the financial effects of the latest ruling may be minimal for Motorola because it doesn’t have a very big business presence in Germany, the decision in the case can potentially cause future troubles for Google as well as other Android manufacturers. “The outcome of those cases shows that Android has far bigger patent infringement problems than any piece of computer software has ever had in the history of the industry,” Mueller wrote. “And this has many of Google’s hardware partners profoundly concerned.”

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