Is Apple Duping Portuguese Consumers?

A Portuguese consumer protection group says it is planning to sue Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) over information provided on the company’s website that allegedly misleads users into buying the AppleCare Protection Plan. The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) said in a statement that the potential lawsuit will come after “several attempts” to get Apple to correct the statement on its website regarding the service plan, according to Portuguese language Apple blog iPhoneTuga.

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Earlier this month, Apple had been fined around $1.2 million in Italy for a similar issue. Italian law mandates that consumer electronics be sold with a free two-year warranty, and the seller has an obligation to inform buyers of this fact. Apple was accused of not only failing to tell customers about the deal, but also trying to sell them the AppleCare Protection Plan that offers similar coverage for a fee. According to DECO, Portuguese law is similar to Italy’s and product defects must be covered for a mandatory two years there as well.

“The Portuguese and EU law gives a two-year guarantee for portables [and laptops], but Apple does not recognize this reality,” DECO secretary general Jorge Morgado said in a statement that has been translated from Portuguese. “After several attempts to enforce these rights, without success, we decided to proceed with legal action. We will require the court to restore legality because we have no doubt that the rights of consumers are being trampled on.”

It is unclear if DECO is seeking any damages.

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