Is Apple Getting a New Architecture Partner?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be revamping its popular Apple Stores with the help of a new design partner — one that has worked on a project with the company before.

Word has already gotten around about Apple’s plans to build its new Campus headquarters in a shape that highly resembles a spaceship, and the design has caught a lot of interested eyes. The architecture company Foster + Partners was selected to build Apple Campus 2, and Apple may have another job for the firm.

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Though the company is reportedly going to spend around $5 billion on the new headquarters — unless cost-cutting measures reduce that figure — rumors are circulating that Apple may be looking to renovate its Apple stores, and Foster + Partners may be chosen for this job as well.

The minimalist retail stores, which Apple successfully trademarked this year, have grown in popularity since their introduction. But, Foster + Partners wasn’t the company behind the design, and Ron Johnson is no longer guiding Apple with his visions for the company’s retail stores. 8 Inc, one of Foster + Partners rivals, was the architectural firm responsible for the design of some of Apple’s most popular stores…

When asked about the collaboration between Apple and Foster + Partners, an Apple spokesman responded with typical denial, refusing to “comment on rumors or speculation,” while a spokeswoman for the architectural firms said, “any project for Apple is confidential and therefore we are unable to comment.”

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So, the suggestion that the two could be working together on retail stores remains little more than speculation. However, a sources close to the redesign project have said Foster + Partners would be involved. Until one of the companies reveals the truth, speculation will remain just speculation, and the possibility of spaceship-like Apple stores can run wild through the imagination of fans.

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