Is Apple Working on These New GOODIES?

Among some goodies that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be planning for its upcoming devices, the company has filed new patent applications for an iPhone wireless headset, a camera improvement that hints at a thinner phone body, and a new security system.

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One of the applications is for a wireless headset to be used in pairing with a smartphone, suggesting that Apple may soon introduce the add-on for the iPhone. The headset in question would be able to both exchange audio information with and receive electrical power from the phone. It will also be able to connect to the phone without obstructing airflow to the microphone located on the headset.

The camera improvement, meanwhile, actually indirectly hints at a thinner smartphone body. Apple wants to patent a new digital signal filter that will solve the problem of excluding the camera from the main logic board of the phone while still maintaining an electrical connection to it. Not including the camera on the main board will effectively enable Apple to pare down the width of the iPhone.

A third application explains a new in-place encryption of a storage device in a computer while the user continues to use the computer.

In addition to the patents, Apple has also filed two trademark applications related to the new mapping app in its upcoming iOS 6 operating system. The trademarks cover the 3D photo-realistic navigation feature Flyover and the new Maps + Compass Logo for the Turn-by-Turn function, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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