Was Everyone Wrong About Apple TV, the Next iPad, and iPhone 5?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been rumored to be increasing the screen size of its next-generation iPhone and create a new version of the iPad that will be smaller than current iterations of the tablet. Rumors also suggest that the company is developing a super secret television product to take on the high-definition sets of Sony (NYSE:SNE), Panasonic (NYSE:PC), et al, and one that could possibly turn the industry on its head. So, are there really three completely changed or new products on their way from the company over the next few months?

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A specific answer to that question may not be forthcoming until Apple decides to hold one of its revelatory product launches, but GigaOM’s Geoffrey Goetz has put forth a fairly radical argument that the company may actually be coming out with just one new product, but one that puts together the best of all the three rumors.

“Buying up large quantities of a particular size of screen does not necessarily mean that Apple is coming out with a new form factor for an existing product line,” Goetz writes. “It could very well mean that we are about to see a new product altogether. And it is just as likely that this new form factor will be the new Apple TV as it is likely that Apple will come out with a mini iPad or a jumbo iPhone. Perhaps this new in-between form factor is what Steve Jobs was referring to when he claimed that Apple had ‘cracked the code’ when designing a new way to experience television.”

According to Goetz, the new “in-between device” may be a product that is larger than an iPhone, smaller than the iPad, and with advanced remote-like capabilities that give it control over the television screen. In short, a product that is more than just a content-browsing device or a plain media playback controller.

According to the article, an Internet television that runs without wires will change the way users interact with the TV set. The new device will allow for screen-based touch gestures, Siri voice commands, and maybe even camera-interpreted motions. It would also be able to stream content directly to the television using Apple’s AirPlay, just like iOS devices do through the Apple TV set-top box. Content providers would be able to create and deliver content in the same way as apps on the company’s current set-top device do. But eventually Apple could create content framework similar to its iAd Producer, Newsstand app, or iBook Author.

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