Is Facebook Getting Friendly With Apple?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is trying to make its iOS integration as easy as possible for developers who will now be able to connect the social network with native iPhone and iPad apps.

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Facebook announced on Wednesday the beta version 3.0 of its iOS software development kit (NYSE:SDK), which it said would make it “easier and faster to develop Facebook-integrated iOS apps.” Facebook also launched a developers page that provides tools and resources for the purpose.

“The new features make the SDK a natural extension of Apple’s iOS environment and make your development cycle more efficient by eliminating the need to develop and manage common tasks,” Facebook’s Jason Clark wrote in a blog post. “This SDK update is fully backwards compatible with our previous SDK release.”

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming iOS 6 will offer Facebook as a login method for the first time, marking an unprecedented tie-in between the two platforms. The new beta SDK is part of that cooperation. It comes with native iOS user interface components for displaying users’ profile pictures, querying the Facebook Places database, and filtering friends, as well as a number of other entirely new features.

Until now, mobile has been the big gap in Facebook’s strategy, holding it back as an increasing number of users access the site via mobile apps. With Facebook’s first post-IPO earnings report coming up, shareholders will be looking for signs that the company is learning its lesson and finding a way to monetize on mobile.

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