Who’s Right About Apple TV: Foxconn or JP Morgan?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may not be ready to talk yet, but main manufacturing partner Foxconn has confirmed it is preparing to start work on the company’s much talked-about television set. While Foxconn chief executive Terry Gou told a press conference that manufacturing was yet to begin, he confirmed preparations had started to roll out the high-definition device soon.

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According to a report in China Daily, Gou said the television will feature Siri and FaceTime video calling, and will have an aluminum body. It will be manufactured by a joint venture of Foxconn with Sharp. The features mentioned by Gou match another report on the television that had emerged earlier this week.

That report had added that the television’s iSight camera will have facial-recognition technology that would allow zooming in on the user’s face and even follow them around the room. The television would also be capable of initiating the video call through Siri.

However, there is still no indication on when the device could be released or how much it would cost.

According to JP Morgan (NASDAQ:JPM) analyst Mark Moskowitz, the television was likely to be launched in “in years, not quarters,” though Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes production could begin in May or June with a launch later this year.

Foxconn’s Gou also announced that the company was planning to start pushing into distribution within China rather than just manufacturing with the launch of its new headquarters in Shanghai. Gou said the company’s e-commerce venture will provide clients with “one-stop” services ranging from logistics to reselling.

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