Why is HTC DROPPING OUT of Apple Fight?

HTC will drop an appeal filed with the International Trade Commission regarding a U.S. patent case it lost against Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) earlier this year. The ITC had ruled in February that Apple’s mobile devices did not violate HTC’s patent for power management.

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The two companies have been arguing in courts for a while and in multiple cases. HTC previously also lost a complaint in which it said Apple’s devices violated patents held by S3 Graphics, a firm HTC purchased with the idea of using its intellectual-property portfolio. After that complaint was dismissed by the ITC, HTC said it would conduct a “holistic re-evaluation” of its acquisition.

Meanwhile, the ITC ruled in December that the Taiwanese manufacturer had infringed an Apple patent for detecting useful and actionable data, such as a phone number in an email. Though HTC said it had built a workaround into its handsets, two of the company’s handsets recently saw delays at U.S. Customs as agents check the devices for infringement. Apple has also filed a fresh motion with the ITC in the case, naming 27 other of HTC’s Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android-run devices.

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