Is iCloud Just One in a Bushel of Apple Troubles?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iCloud seems to be causing trouble again, as a Tuesday outage appears to have turned even more users of the service into skeptics. The negative news is really piling up for Apple.

Last week, Apple’s iCloud went down for 27 hours between Thursday and Friday. Although the outage was reported to only affect 0.008 percent of its users, that percentage translates to 20,000 users affected out of its total 250 million users. Some were unable to use Game Center, others couldn’t access their emails.

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Given that Apple’s cloud storage services make up 27 percent of all cloud storage in the U.S., it’s a big deal when it doesn’t work. Especially after the system was touted by the late Steve Jobs, who said that the service “just works. Everything happens automatically, and it’s really easy to tie your apps into iCloud’s storage system.” But apparently for some users and third-party developers, it doesn’t “just work.”

Now Apple’s in trouble again. Some iCloud-based services like Mail, Find My Phone, and Find My Friends aren’t working for users around the globe, according to AppleInsider. However, Apple’s own website reported that the status of the iCloud system still showed the services as online and operational Tuesday morning…

While the extent of the iCloud outage is unclear, it is apparent that users around the world are being affected by it, although it may only be a small number of users. Nonetheless, the outage adds a bit of drama to an already-dramatic day, as Apple will release its second quarter earnings after the market closes Tuesday afternoon.

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Concerns about Apple are mounting, especially as there has been a dearth of product releases since the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launched last September. Adding to the negativity are assumptions that products rumored to come out this summer are now expected to be delayed and the belief that demand for Apple products may have slipped in the last quarter. Having to worry about whether Apple’s products will even work in the future could simply be another concern heaped onto the pile.

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