Is Instagram the Best Place for Pop Stars to Promote Their Music?

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Rihanna and Shakira debuted the new artwork for their collaboration, “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” on Instagram on Thursday, taking part in a growing trend among pop artists to not only interact with their fans on social media but also share official content with the public through those outlets.

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) photo sharing site, Instagram, has been a particularly popular way for celebrities to interact with their fans and share moments from their private lives. Now pop stars are using the site to share more of their professional lives as well, releasing official content and giving their followers exclusive sneak peeks at new music.

Rihanna has been actively involved in social media for several years and is known for her bawdy posts on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Instagram, showing off her wild child lifestyle. Some of the posts from her account regarding her offstage activities when making a tour stop in Thailand last year actually led to the arrests of the owner of a bar hosting illegal sex shows and two other men who provided a protected slow loris for the singer to pose with.

Followers are just as interested in Rihanna’s offstage antics as they are in her official music releases, so promoting her singles, albums, and tours via Twitter and Instagram is the best way to reach those who care about the artist.

Other pop stars who have been less heavily involved with promoting their personal lives in social media are also jumping on the trend. Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites are now the best way to interact with the audience that sustains the pop music industry. Last month, Beyonce released her latest album on iTunes with no promotional efforts┬ábesides a 15-second video trailer for the album posted to Instagram ending with “Available Now.”

Justin Timberlake and One Direction have also used Instagram to promote their music, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Recent data have shown that consumers downloaded less music in 2013 for the first time in 10 years. Pop stars using social media to promote their official products as well as their personal lives could help push more fans into downloading their music. The tactic seemed to work for Beyonce, whose self-titled fifth album has sold 1.43 million copies as of Wednesday, according to Billboard.

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