What is Pinterest Stealing From Facebook?

What is Pinterest stealing from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)? Right now, the answer to that question seems to be: talent. Barry Schnitt, currently Director of Corporate Communications and Public Policy at Facebook, is set to join Pinterest next month, leaving his job at Facebook behind.

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Schnitt may be jumping what he believes to be a sinking ship after Facebook’s IPO debacle. Or maybe he recognizes Pinterest’s potential to become the next Facebook — that is, if it’s able to surmount the problems of monetizing itself that still plague Facebook. After all, Pinterest is the third most popular social tool online behind Facebook and Twitter, and the site, launched in March 2010, but only really picking up steam this year, is still in its infancy. Anything could happen.

Whatever his reasons, Schnitt is set to join Pinterest in June, where he will be the new head of communications and public policy.

Schnitt has been working at Facebook since 2008 and prior to that was Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs at Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), where he spent 8 years.

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