Is This CEO Headed Back to Apple?

It seems Ron Johnson couldn’t cut it as chief executive officer at J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP), and now some are speculating that he could be on his way back to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Ron Johnson lead a push to renovate J.C. Penney’s stores, but his plans didn’t exactly go as expected, and he has been removed from his position at the company. Meanwhile, his old position at Apple — senior vice president of retail sales — has remained unfilled during his absence.

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Apple temporarily found someone to fill Johnson’s shoes, naming John Browett as head of retail in February of 2012. But Browett was asked to leave by October of the same year after some trouble rearranging staff at the stores. Since then, the hole hasn’t been refilled.

What happens next is up for debate. Some believe it’s unlikely that Johnson would come back to that position at Apple, as he’s already done that job and may not have interest in going back to the same old thing. Interestingly enough, J.C. Penney’s chief executive officer before Johnson, Myron Ullman, actually replaced his successor…

Hopes may be that Johnson returns to Apple’s retail business, as he a pivotal in bringing about Apple stores and the company’s golden age. But, it still seems unlikely for him to go back to Apple in the same capacity as before.

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There is the possibility that Johnson could work as a consultant for the company, or join its board of directors. Considering that his past influence on the company was beneficial, any future influences may bode well for Apple, despite his trouble at J.C. Penney.

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