Is Facebook App Center the Beginning of Something HUGE?

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) needs to leverage its newly announced app center to build a healthy mobile advertising strategy, says Wes Biggs, co-founder of mobile ad marketplace Adfonic. While the app center currently only plans to point users to Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android or Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS apps that work with Facebook, it has the potential of turning into “the social layer in an ecosystem of apps.”

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“Facebook’s App Center could be the beginning of a hugely disruptive Facebook app network, one that nimbly skips around operating systems and fills Facebook’s coffers with money and data,” Biggs writes in an article for Forbes. “ … [the] App Center could quietly be establishing itself in the world of mobile advertising, with Facebook-enabled apps showing Facebook-powered ads, pumping their data back to Facebook and making it an irresistible ad platform.”

According to Biggs, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) already has a big, social interactive network on a stable framework. However, to better leverage its strength, it would need to “meet the advertising world halfway” and offer developers better value. The social network will need to provide support for standard ad formats above its own ads and sponsored stories and plan mobile-specific targeting characteristics to achieve this.

But as long as it can figure out the initial hiccups, “the combination of Facebook’s valuable profile data, with the reach and sophisticated technology of a mobile advertising distribution platform, could be a powerful proposition indeed,” Biggs writes.