Is This Feature Launching on the iPhone Ahead of the Galaxy S 4?

Samsung (SSNLF.PK) may have just been beaten to the punch by an app developer that gave Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) a feature that Samsung was preparing to launch with its newest Galaxy smartphone.

When Samsung announced its Galaxy S 4 smartphone, one of the chief concerns about the device was whether it would have a killer feature that could put it easily over the top of Apple’s iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.

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At its premiere event, the device sported a feature that tracked facial movement and could move or pause content depending on the user’s orientation. While that might not necessarily be considered a “killer feature” by some, it’s definitely not a feature that went ignored by fans. Unfortunately for those fans, it seems Apple will be the first smartphone maker to get that feature on its device thanks to Apple app-developer Cube26. The company’s LookAway Player allows users to browse YouTube videos via the app, which can pause video when users look away and silence video when they shush the phone.

If there were consumers out there that were bubbling with excitement about the feature on the Galaxy S 4, they may defect to Apple and get the feature on an iPhone as early as today. However, there’s one drawback — it seems the app may not have full integration in the phone, so outside of the LookAway Player, the feature is unlikely to work, whereas it may be more pervasive on the Samsung device.

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It’s hard to gauge what effect the release of this app could have on Samsung. While it’s likely to be a benign release,  Apple has made it clear that other developers can develop the same feature as Samsung’s designers, thus making its new eye tracking software less revolutionary.

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