Is This New Apple Product Making Slow Progress?

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new Passbook app, which has been adding businesses and brands gradually since its launch alongside iOS 6, has received a boost from new partnerships with McDonalds (NYSE:MCD), Airbnb, and Eventbrite. However, the Passbook-enabled McDonald’s app, GoMacDo, is only limited to France at the moment.

Airbnb and Eventbrite are significant additions for Apple, with the former having booked more than 10 million guest nights and seeing 26 percent of its traffic from mobile and the latter having already registered $1 billion in gross ticket sales.

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According to a statement from Eventbrite, its “beautiful tickets” designed specifically for Passbook will remind customers both with location and time-based alerts by appearing on the device’s home screen. Airbnb, which matches people seeking vacation rentals and other short-term accommodations with those with rooms to rent, hopes to use the location- and time-based features to assist travelers who are visiting a new city. In its release notes, it highlights features including adding upcoming reservations to Passbook.

Apple already has Passbook partnerships with Major League Baseball, American Airlines, Live Nation (NYSE:LYV), and Fandango at the moment and recently introduced an “Add to Passbook” badge for businesses.

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