Is This the Final Cut For Apple’s Video Suite?


Source: AppleApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be scrambling to make up for what it has done to drive away professional users of its video editing software suite: Final Cut Pro.

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Just a couple years ago, Apple released a new version of its high-end Final Cut Pro, dubbing it Final Cut Pro X, but the software quickly received harsh criticism. Many professionals thought it had been a step backwards for the program as it seemed to be catering to non-professional users.

While the price-tag dropped from a professional-friendly $700 to a nearly-consumer-friendly $299, many believed that the program was over-simplified and lost its value for professional users. Some even began calling it “iMovie Pro.”

Since then, Apple has been working to patch things up — although not all the updates are patches. The company has been developing updates to fill in the gaps in capability that the new software had between itself and the older versions…

Now, with some of the old features reincorporated into the new Final Cut Pro X, Apple is running an advertising campaign aimed directly towards the professionals that it had inadvertently driven away. The advertisements are going up on Apple’s website, and could line up nicely with the beginning of National Association of Broadcasters convention to gain attention.

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The push to draw back users could be vital, as competitors like Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) may be winning over Apple’s professional customers. Given the breadth of Adobe’s software suite, it may be difficult for Apple to win back users who have crossed over.

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