Katie Couric to Make Debut for Yahoo on Friday

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Katie Couric’s new Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) show, Yahoo News with Katie Couric, premieres this Friday at 8 a.m. The new global news anchor even has an official Tumblr blog where viewers are encouraged to ask questions of Couric’s first guest, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The online news outlet is an affiliate of ABC news. Couric has worked at ABC since 2011. On her official Tumblr account, the longtime reporter is looking for questions for the upcoming interview and feedback on the show. This social engagement tactic is known as crowdsourcing. It’s a way to encourage audience participation and see what they want to hear about from the former three-term mayor.

Couric’s interview with Bloomberg will be recorded in advance of the Friday morning show. The interview will cover his tenure as mayor, childhood obesity, and gun control, among the many potential political topics. So far, the potential viewers are submitting various questions about diverse topics. One asked about early childhood education.

“Mayor DiBlasio has consistently and insistently tied preK education funding and more recently extended hours for kindergarten education  ’to be paid for by taxing wealthy New Yorkers.’ Do you feel this is appropriate given that Governor Cuomo has clearly indicated that the state has sufficient funding for this initiative?” asked Alan Appelbaum.

Another follower’s question inquired about the continuing Philippines relief effort following the devastating Typhoon Haiyan last November. “Hi Katie! I want to ask Mayor Bloomberg about his effort in helping my fellow Filipinos down south in Tacloban. What other policy initiatives does he have control over in helping in the relief and rehabilitation efforts and why is this so close to his heart? Thank you very much and congratulations to your new Yahoo! gig! Best of luck!” said John Usman.

Couric’s official Tumblr currently has only one other post as of Tuesday, which shows a video of the news legend going about her routine with her narrating about how she gets a lot of her news online, an unsurprising assertion since more and more Americans are getting their news that same way. It also includes a message for viewers. “Welcome to my new Tumblr! I’m really looking forward to connecting with you here and seeing all the questions, photos, and video you want to share. As I begin my new role as Global Anchor for Yahoo, I want to hear from you. What stories matter most to you, and which people do you find most interesting?”

Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer announced Couric’s transition to Yahoo in November 2013. As per an announcement on Yahoo’s Tumblr from that time, Mayer praised Couric’s approach to news, calling it a “thoughtful, charismatic approach to journalism,” in a post announcing Couric’s new role at Yahoo.

The Tumblr account also links to Couric’s official Twitter account and to Yahoo News’ official Facebook page. On her Twitter account, Couric just posted a link Tuesday afternoon to the Tumblr. She’s still looking for questions for the big interview with Bloomberg.

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