LEAKED: Apple’s Mountain Lion Release Date

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) confirmed at its Worldwide Developers Conference last week that the highly-anticipated release of its next major Mac OS X update, Mountain Lion, would be released to the public sometime in July. While the company has yet to publicly specify a release date, according to one report we can expect Mountain Lion to pop up in the Mac App Store on July 19.

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T-Gaap.com reports that a “source in the Bay Area” has confirmed OS X Mountain Lion will make its public debut on July 19 — 364 days after OS X Lion made its Mac App Store debut.

T-Gaap.com hasn’t yet established itself as a reliable source for this sort of information, not because it’s unreliable but rather because it doesn’t have much of a proven track record either way. However, Apple watchers have come to recognize that these sorts of “leaks” are so often true — one need only look back at the reports ahead of WWDC, reports that indicated Apple would introduce a Retina display MacBook, iOS 6, its own Maps app, and much more. So many of those reports proved accurate. It seems there’s a plethora of Apple insiders just waiting to tell us what’s next.

So while we take T-Gaap.com’s report with a grain of salt, July 19 sounds like a feasible date, so I say mark your iCalendar until Apple says otherwise.

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