LinkedIn: Here’s Why You Never Get Anything Done At Work

According to a LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) survey released Tuesday, office to-do lists seldom get done. Clearly, making the to-do list is the easy part — following through to check things off that list is the much larger battle. The study also examined how professionals in different industries approached tasks, the differences between men and women’s to-do list habits, and global insights on where professionals keep to-do lists and what gets in the way of completing them.

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LinkedIn — the world’s largest professional network with over 161 million members worldwide — polled 6,580 professional around the world to discover that 89 percent of the respondents said that they could not accomplish all the tasks on their daily to-do lists. The reason was primarily due to distraction by email, impromptu meeting, or phone calls.

A breakdown by industry revealed that agricultural professionals claimed to be the most productive, with 83 percent of respondents saying that they regularly fulfill most or all of their planned tasks. The most distracted industry proved to be the legal field. Legal professionals ranked the lowest, with 66 percent of respondents claiming that they accomplished most or all of their tasks. Moreover, 76 percent of legal respondents said that they have a separation between personal and professional lives, while only 40 percent of professionals in the art industry reported having that variance.

The study included professionals from 15 countries worldwide. Brazil was one of the countries included in the study that reported frequently keeping a to-do list at the highest rate — 73 percent. The United States came in at sixth place, with 67 percent of respondents claiming that they keep a to-do list. Japan had the lowest percentage of respondents who kept a to-do list at 45 percent.

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