Apple Launches MORE Than Just the New iPhone

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has launched an upgraded version of iTunes with a simpler user interface, iCloud integration, and a new mini player. Eddy Cue, Apple’s iCloud and music chief, said performance on the program had been improved and users would now be able to preview songs while browsing. Playlists will now be hidden until users need them and search functions have also been improved.

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The iTunes store will have new Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter integration, letting users “like” songs or share their iTunes purchases on the social networks.

The changes will come to iTunes on mobile iOS devices as well as the storefront for OS X and Microsoft Windows. Apple said the changes will start to appear along with the release of iOS 6 on September 19.

“Music is deeply embedded into our DNA,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the launch event wjere the iPhone 5 was also unveiled. “This is the reason we created iPod and iTunes, and these products have gone on to revolutionize the music industry.”

Apple announced that the store now has 26 million songs, with more than 20 billion songs having been purchased by users over the last nine years and iTunes being used by 200 million customers. In addition, the store is now available in 63 countries.

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