Microsoft Is Taking the Xbox One Places

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

The Xbox One goes international this fall with the announcement of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) latest Xbox console release abroad Tuesday.

The Xbox One was released in North America, the European Union, Brazil, and Australia this past November where it’s been in close competition with Sony’s PlayStation 4. It is currently available in only 13 countries, mostly in North America and European Union countries. The international community, including most of Europe, Asia, and South America is still waiting for it to arrive in their country in September, 10 months after the initial November 2013 release.

The announcement came in a blog post written by Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business for Xbox. In the post, he noted the success of the Xbox One so far. He called it the company’s most successful Xbox launch to date. Amid this news, he also dropped the news that the Xbox will be released in various international markets this fall.

“Now it’s time to ensure even more fans around the world can enjoy Xbox One. So today we’re proud to share that it will be available in 26 additional markets in September this year.”

The 26 countries are various markets throughout the world, ranging from Chile, Columbia, and Argentina in South America to international city-state Singapore to Japan, home turf of competitors Sony and Nintendo.

The Xbox One is currently in the midst of the usual sales rivalry with the PlayStation 4. The two gaming consoles were released the same month, setting up for the many “Which console selling better?” stories seen in the media and online.

PlayStation 4 is currently outselling Xbox One, although the release of the highly anticipated Titanfall game, exclusive to Xbox consoles and Microsoft PCs, helped to boost sales. The Guardian credits the video game with a 96 percent boost in sales in the United Kingdom in a recent article. Other new content is aiding Microsoft’s quest to get more gamers playing Xbox One. Mehdi’s post also noted that Xbox One users logged the highest number of hours since the console’s launch last week when Titanfall made its Xbox One debut. (Those hours were briefly interrupted by an Xbox Live outage last Tuesday unrelated to the game.) He credited Titanfall and Twitch launching its broadcasting service for the recent increase in hours.

Further details about the release of the Xbox One will come out later. As of now, potential customers get to start putting aside money for the gaming console that retails for $499 in the United States, 499 euros in the European Union, and 429 pounds in the United Kingdom. The options available to Xbox One customers will likely include bundles that include key video games, such as the Titanfall bundle that sold in the United States.

This type of delayed international release is common in gaming and for Microsoft. The company released the Xbox One’s predecessor, the Xbox 360, on a similar schedule of staggered international releases following an initial premiere in its native North America.

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