BlackBerry Releases Keyboarded Q10 in U.K.

BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) has announced that its much-anticipated Q10 smartphone, equipped with its trademark keyboard, is available for preorder in the U.K. and will be in consumers’ hands by the end of April, reports Bloomberg.

“Today, Carphone Warehouse customers in the United Kingdom will be able to pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 on O2, Orange, T- Mobile, Three, EE and TalkMobile,” BlackBerry said on the company’s blog. “The handset will be available for purchase in Carphone Warehouse stores from the end of April.”

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Sticking to the manner in which it released the touchscreen Z10, BlackBerry has elected to debut the Q10 in the U.K. before its wider releases in other European countries and the United States. Details of these releases were said to be coming shortly.

The sales reports of the Z10 and Q10 will be extremely telling for the future of BlackBerry as a competitor in the smartphone market. CEO Thorston Heins said that early sales of the Z10 were encouraging, but official numbers are yet to be released.

The Q10 will undoubtedly be the most popular keyboarded smartphone, and therefore will attract consumers who like to feel the keys beneath their fingers. There have been numerous complaints from BlackBerry loyalists over the generic touch screen of the Z10, begging BlackBerry to stick to its roots. The only remaining question is: how many of these customers are there left?

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