Did Pictures of Nokia’s Newest Flagship Phone Just Leak?


In four days, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) will have its New York press event where it is expected to showcase its new flagship Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows phone. However, it appears that pictures of the new phone have already leaked via gadget leaker Evleaks.

The most interesting feature of the yet unveiled phone is the camera, which will likely house a 41-megapixel rear camera sensor made from the Symbian Belle-powered 808 PureView. The images confirm the rumored physical features of the phone — specifically, the rear size of the phone — and it was also later revealed that the model may be named the Lumia 909 rather than the Lumia 1020 as it had been commonly tagged.

If the camera aboard the newest Nokia phone is anything like the 808 PureView, camera enthusiasts will have a lot to be excited about. The 808 PureView features a Carl Zeiss lens and is capable of recording video in 1080p. With a 41-megapixel sensor, it’s possible to zoom up to 3x without taking any hit in image quality.

The new phone comes at a time when Nokia is trying to get itself back into the running in the smartphone market. It had an operating loss of $196 million in the first quarter, which actually shows an improvement over the same period last year when the company operated at a loss of $1.7 billion.

Nokia also recently expanded its relationship with the creative agency JWT and is hoping to resurrect its past success. Nokia CMO Tuula Rytila said, “We’re working closely with Microsoft and our customers to make sure we have bigger budgets available. We want to invest what it takes to win. There’s a lot of noise in the marketplace and we need to make sure our message gets across.”After sustaining a 27.9 percent loss in 2012, splashy phone releases like the rumored Lumia 909 might be a way to differentiate it from the crowd of smartphones.

“The overarching goal is to reignite the Nokia brand, bringing meaning, relevancy and emotion to the brand. Whatever messages we create need to resonate in the U.S., Europe, and emerging markets like China and India,” Rytila said.

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