Facebook Shows Off Some Good-Looking Data in Leaked Report


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“The interesting thing about mobile was that we knew it was coming,” wrote Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Vice President of Product Chris Cox in an annual e-magazine obtained by TechCrunch, “we just chose the wrong approach.”

Mobile has vexed Facebook for years, and the platform’s monetization has been a central part of the company’s investor-facing narrative. Facebook was first built for desktop, but it has become clear that mobile use will dominate the platform. Facebook will ultimately need to be a mobile service for both users and advertisers, and the company’s evolution so far has been successful if awkward.

Cox was quoted in a report that was obtained by John Constine of TechCrunch. The report appears to be Facebook’s take on a letter to shareholders and is densely packed with pro forma happy talk, but it also contains some information that even jaded investors could find useful. Specifically, it contains data on on mobile use in countries other than the United States.

Constine has long hounded Facebook for more granular data about mobile use, but the company has shied away from total transparency. The report removes some of the opacity and delivers user and mobile use data for France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, and Israel.

To be clear, these eight countries represent a pretty small share of total Facebook users. Combined, they account for 91.5 million daily active users, or DAUs, and 123.7 million monthly active users, or MAUs. That’s about 12.5 percent of DAUs and about 10.4 percent of MAUs.

While the number of daily and monthly active users in each country is insightful, the data are useful with more context. On this front, thankfully, Facebook has pulled back the curtain a bit.

That data provide some insight into how other countries are adopting Facebook. In Sweden and the U.K., for example, more than half of all Internet and mobile users are Facebook users. In France, more than half of Internet users are Facebook users, but just one-third of mobile users are.

On average across these eight countries, 70.3 percent of MAUs are mobile MAUs, and 74 percent of DAUs are mobile DAUs. In the U.S., this rate is 79.3 percent for MAUs and 79 percent for DAUs. This compares against an overall average rate of 73.5 percent of MAUs and 69.6 percent for DAUs.

Country Monthly Active Users Daily Active Users Percent of Internet users in country Mobile MAUs Mobile DAUs Percent of mobile phone users in country Percent of MAUs who return daily
France 26 million 18 million 63 11 million 17 million 33 69
U.K. 24 million 33 million 69 26 million 20 million 51 73
Spain 18 million 12 million 58 13 million 8.1 million 32 67
Italy 23 million 17 million 71 16 million 10 million 32 74
Sweden 4.9 million 3.8 million 57 4 million 3 million 53 78
Germany 25 million 19 million 43 18 million 13 million 27 76
Turkey 33 million 19 million No data 20 million 19 million No data 74
Israel 3.8 million 2.7 million No data 2.9 million 2 million No data 71

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