Is Apple Missing Deadlines?

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, a number of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) products that market watchers are expecting in the next few months might be a little delayed, and sales could fall short as a result.

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Kuo has a proven track record of predicting what products Apple is going to launch, when, and has even done well at figuring out how the supply of those products will be. Among the items Kuo talked about in a research note to AppleInsider were the iPhone 5S, a new iPad Mini, and a low-cost iPhone.

For the iPhone 5S, Kuo said there would be trouble getting it out on time due to struggles implementing fingerprint scanning technology — which was also something Kuo suggested would be included in the device. Along with this, he said the company might need more time to finish and adequately test iOS 7, and that could delay the launch of the device.

The next iPad mini is expected to incorporate Apple’s high-end retina display technology, but Kuo suggested that the screen will complicate the production of the devices, which could keep the product from reaching markets as soon as other analysts expect…

A much-anticipated low-cost iPhone could also be on the way, and Kuo would say that it is, but he also said that the there was difficulty manufacturing the plastic casing that would go on the device. On the cases, he said, “the slimmer casing may make it more difficult … and could slow down the shipment timetable.”

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Because of all the potential delays, Kuo said Apple’s third quarter shipments of iPhones and iPads are likely to see single-digit growth, compared to expectations of 30 to 40 percent growth. A slip below growth expectations could send Apple’s stocks downward.

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