Netflix: Here’s Our Strategy for Monetizing Arrested Development’s Cult Following

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is bringing Arrested Development back from the dead with hopes that the move will resurrect public interest in the video streaming company again.

After Arrested Development’s aired its series finale over six years ago after the show was canceled, but now 10 new episodes of the cult hit are set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2013. The partnership was announced by Netflix’s Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey, who reiterated that the television show will return exclusively for Netflix users in the U.S. Any non-U.S. Arrested Development fans will have to wait for the DVD release to have access to the fourth season.

Many find it strange that Netflix is limiting the show’s return to American audiences, especially given the magnitude of such a deal. However, international contracts could be to blame for the restrictions.

For eager viewers, the show will be premiering all 10 episodes at once when it arrives on the video streaming service next year. Fans will have the luxury of watching every episode back to back or at their leisure. One thing for certain is that this offering on Netflix’s part will excite many Arrested Development fans, who have been calling for a series revival for years. It looks like Netflix has gotten one right.