New ‘Far Cry 4’ Trailer Digs Into Game’s Story

Ubisoft has just released a hot-off-the-press trailer for Far Cry 4, a game that’s coming to current- and last-generation consoles on November 18. Previous trailers have shown a gory intro cutscene, a weapons walkthrough, and established the areas of the enormous game world. The new trailer dives deep into the game’s story.

In Far Cry 4, you play as Ajay Ghale, who was born in the Himalayan country of Kyrat, but moved at four to the United States. Your mother’s dying wish is to have her ashes scattered in her home country, so you travel there to do just that. But when you arrive, you discover that the country has been taken over by a ruthless dictator named Pagan Min.

Min and his army have wrested control of the opium fields and tea farms that had fueled the country’s economy for years, leaving many people in poverty. They’ve also tried to stamp out the people’s religion to bring them further under control.

You get caught up in the resistance to Pagan Min’s army. However, the leaders of the resistance — Sabal and Amita — disagree about how to fight back. Sabal wants to return the country to its traditional roots, while Amita would like to pull it into a more progressive future. As you play the game, Sabal and Amita often disagree about how you should tackle your missions. The choices you make will help determine the future of Kyrat.

For a closer look at Far Cry 4, check out our hands-on preview.

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