Oracle to Google: We’ve Got BIGGER Fish to Fry

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will have to pay a princely sum of $0 to Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) as damages despite losing a big portion of the patent violation case against it. Oracle had accused Google of violating its Java patents and other copyrights in the making of the Android operating system. When the case began, Oracle was seeking up to $6.1 billion in damages, while Google proposed the $0 figure.

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Oracle won a partial victory when the jury decided Google had made use of the former’s engineering, but lost its argument that patents had been violated. The suit was first filed two years ago, with the main issue centering on whether Google had copied 37 of Oracle’s Java APIs in its Android OS. The judge ruled in May that the APIs were not eligible for copyright protection under US law and the jury found that Google had not infringed Oracle’s patents. Google did copy a portion of the code, according to the court, but also said that Oracle was only eligible to receive statutory damages.

Oracle will now take the case to the Federal Circuit appeals court, and seems to have agreed on the damages quickly in order to get the trial over and move on to the appeal. Even the judge in the ruling, William Alsup, was confused by the agreement, asking Oracle if there was a catch he needed to be aware of. If the appeal is successful, the case could come back to the same judge.

Google also said on Wednesday that it could seek to recover some of its legal costs in the case.

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