Patents Spark New Round of iWatch iRumors

Source: iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

Source: iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

Anyone who’s lived long enough to endure middle school knows human beings like to gossip, especially when someone is being highly secretive. As Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) likes to stay mum on future products until official announcements, it’s no surprise every piece of Apple-related news sparks iRumors galore. Tuesday’s news of forty-five new patents granted to Apple is sparking a flurry of iWatch rumors.

Apple news website Patently Apple reported the story Tuesday and decided to focus on the one patent that could apply to an iWatch. We know the wrist device is coming. Apple applied for the name in Russia in 2013. The question of when and what exactly the device will entail remains a source of speculation.

The patent that Patently Apple decided to focus on shows a device that looks roughly like a square iPhone screen with a button at the bottom and a camera lens toward the top of the screen. It looks similar to the sixth generation iPod Nano, but with a camera and a button on the front and not just on the side. Evidence for this also includes that Apple mentions the screen may be for a wrist device, strengthening the argument that this is iWatch-related.

While this is only the most recent iWatch iRumor, others have been cropping up since the start of 2014 too. One such rumor is that the iWatch is going to be stylish. March media reports indicated that Apple attempted to poach employees from top watchmakers as a part of the development of the iWatch. Further fueling these rumors, Apple hired Paul Deneve, formerly of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, last summer for “special projects.”

In addition to style, the iWatch is expected to be part health monitor. Apple’s made quite a few hires from the field of biomedical technology early in 2014. Whether this is for the iWatch or not is unclear, but the news sparked more gossip.

That medical application may also be sports and fitness-related says another iRumor. Nike announced that it canceled all future Nike FuelBand projects last week. As Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on the board at Nike and the companies have collaborated in the past, speculation led to the conclusion that the iWatch was somehow involved. Apple also recently applied for a patent for a wrist pedometer.

Another software iRumor is that feminine voiced personal assistant program Siri will make it to the iWatch. As the voice control program has such popularity, it would not be much of a stretch to see someone whisper to their iWatch in the future, “Siri, I need directions.”

While the iRumors continue to fly, one pattern is clear: Apple is developing some sort of wrist device that will likely compete with the Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) Galaxy Gear and other devices that make it to the market by the time it is released. Also since it’s Apple, the rumors won’t be confirmed or disproven until the iWatch is officially announced a few months before its release date.

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