PayPal: In a Store Near You?

PayPal (NASDAQ:EBAY) is shifting some of its focus from retailers to consumers. In addition to new partnerships with retailers and point-of-sale hardware companies, the company is also revving up its marketing campaign for consumers.

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According to Don Kingsbourough, the company’s vice president for retail and prepaid products, PayPal has started sending out emails to its most active users, encouraging them to activate their accounts for in-store checkout.

To make consumers more aware of in-store payment options with PayPal, the company will also be marketing via digital and television ads. The company is counting on rolling out with 15 new retailers, plus it’s initial partnership with The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD) to drive in-store use.

PayPal hopes that as retailers provide incentives for using the system, more and more customers will sign on. While getting consumers to adopt a new payment system will be difficult, PayPal is also pushing discounts and flexible payments as a way to encourage growth.

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