Pushy Apple Gets Its Way in Korea

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPLrequest to delay a sales ban against its products in South Korea has been granted by a Seoul court. The ban was imposed after an August ruling that the iPhone maker infringed on Samsung’s patents, but Apple has appealed the decision. The Seoul Central District Court agreed to accept Apple’s request to stay the ban until after a decision on the appeal is arrived at, court spokesman Kim Mun Sung told Bloomberg.

The court, in fact, had found that both companies infringed on each other’s patents and ordered bans on Apple’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, and iPad 2 as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung has not asked for a stay on its ban yet.

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The two companies are also involved in similar patent cases in several other countries, with the recent decision in Apple’s favor in California receiving much attention. Apple won a jury verdict in San Jose, California, in August that awarded it more than $1 billion in damages.

According to Bloomberg, the smartphone market of which Apple and Samsung are the global leaders was worth $219 billion last year.

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