Rumor Has It the iPhone 6 Will Look More Like the 5C Than 5S


It’s not exactly news to anyone that Apple is expected to release the new iPhone 6 this year, or even that Apple anticipates offering its classic phone in a new, larger screen size. But here’s something you may not have seen coming: the new, larger-screen iPhone 6 may actually look more like its older cousin the iPhone¬†5C rather¬†than the iPhone 5S, according to a recent AppleInsider report.

A Japanese blog, Macotakara, published details on Apple’s plans for this year’s lineup of the iPhone6. The blog citied a “trusted source” in saying that the company will be releasing iPhone models sporting 4.7- and 5.7-inch screen sizes, which will likely be launched later this year. Reuters first published news of the new, larger sizes earlier last year.

The new phone design drew inspiration from both last year’s iPhone 5C and the seventh generation iPod nano, according to AppleInsider; the phone, while drawing some of its design from the 5C, will not be a cheaper model, and will not be a replacement for the existing 5C.

The plastic of the iPhone 5C is likely gone in the new iteration, however. Instead, Apple is supposedly drawing on the look of the iPod nano, which supports and anodized aluminum exterior in a variety of different colors, AppleInsider notes. Instead, the 5C’s legacy will live on in the new model’s button design as well as in its rounded, beveled exterior edges.

Macotakara also noted that the larger of the two new sizes, the 5.7-inch model, is currently said to be 7 millimeters thick, meaning it is slightly thinner than the iPad Air. It’s possible, however, that the company may adjust the phone’s specs to allow for a slightly thicker body (.5 millimeters thicker, to be exact), so that the phone’s rear iSight camera won’t protrude from the case.

Lastly, If you’ve read all this and are internally snickering at the supposed reliability of information from a Japanese tech blog, hold up: Macotakara actually has quite an impressive track record in predicting Apple’s iPhone designs. The site was the first to guess that the 2013 iPhones would come in an expanded array of colors, and was also the first to speculate that the iPhone 5S would sport a dual LED flash so that users could obtain more natural looking photographs.

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