Samsung: A New Device Already?

A Samsung (SSNLF.PK) slip-up has given some validity to a product that many expect the company to launch near the middle of next month. Samsung has an event planned in the U.K. for June 20.

Technology blog Engadget caught a screenshot on Samsung’s U.K. app website, which lets users check available apps based on devices. The screenshot shows various available devices like the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S 3, and Galaxy S 2. Right in the middle of all those well-known and already-for-sale devices, the Galaxy S 4 mini was displayed.

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While fans may have previously been spouting off rumors or creating mock-ups of the device to built up hype around such a device, the screenshot of Samsung’s own website would seem to validate all beliefs that a smaller version of the Galaxy S 4 is set to launch soon.

Of course, a screenshot is as open to photo manipulation as any other photo. However, Engadget suggested that readers head over to Samsung’s website to see the device listed for themselves. Since word got around and the device was likely not supposed to be displayed, Samsung has naturally removed it from the website’s listings, but the fire has likely already started in the rumor mill.

With Samsung’s next big launch event just weeks away, it would be hard not to expect the leaked Galaxy S 4 mini to be among the devices making an appearance. Having the mini device show up does bring into question the rumors of other devices.

Shortly after Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 became its fastest selling device, with 10 million units sold within the first month of sales, rumors started surfacing about several variant models of the device. Aside from the Galaxy S 4 mini, another small variant was suggested — the Galaxy S 4 Zoom, which would feature a 16-megapixel camera with a 10-times optical zoom. A rugged model of the device was also rumored, likely to be waterproof, dust-proof, and with an increased resistance to falling damage.

Samsung may have the largest global market share of all smartphone makers, but it still has to contend with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) in many developed nations. The popularity of the Galaxy S 4 is certain to help Samsung compete with the iPhone, and adding an increased variety of the popular device to the market could quickly overwhelm the single-styled iPhone 5.

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The two smaller Galaxy devices suggested should allow Samsung to compete against the iPhone on another footing. The Galaxy S 4 that’s out now is bigger than any model of the iPhone, and it is likely allowing the company to sweep up customers interested in bigger devices. However, there are some customers who may prefer slightly smaller devices, like the iPhone 5, and a Galaxy S 4 mini could be just the device to ensure customers don’t choose Apple simply because of a size preference.

It’s likely that the June 20 event will not just be for premiering the Galaxy S 4 mini. Rather, it could be that Samsung will unveil all the Galaxy S 4 variants at the same time. Since one rumor has mostly been confirmed by Samsung, it’s a wonder how many of the other rumored devices will prove to be more than fiction.

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