Samsung Galaxy Gets New Star in Samsung Universe of Products

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Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has officially announced Samsung Level, a line of audio accessories designed to work with Samsung Galaxy products. The product lines will include audio accessories in multiple price tiers, with the mid-range Level On and Level In as alternatives to the high-end Level Over. All will work with a Level app on Samsung products.

Samsung has been building a lot of content and products around its Samsung Galaxy device line. All of this brand building seems to be part of a larger strategy to build up the Samsung Galaxy brand as more than just a smartphone and tablet brand, but as a larger entertainment mobile entertainment brand, the latest star in the Samsung universe.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones. The company also produces and sells televisions, wearable devices, computers, and even household appliances, but the company brands itself primarily as a smartphone and tablet company in recent advertising campaigns. It uses the Android operating system.

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets, Samsung has been building up that brand with exclusive apps, offers, and now, audio equipment accessories. The campaign seems to be working from a business perspective. The Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone, surpassed the iPhone 5s in launch weekend sales earlier this month. Some media reviews of the smartphone say it’s better than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC’s latest offering in the HTC One, and the iPhone.

Samsung’s successful brand building for the Samsung Galaxy is not limited to the smartphone end of the line. Samsung Galaxy tablets are the stars of an American commercial campaign that features many a takedown of the Apple iPad by comparing it to an analogous Samsung Galaxy tablet. One current ad features two men working on their tablets.

One owns an Apple iPad; his associate owns a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The first man complains that his kid deleted his charts. His friend asks if his tablet has separate logins to prevent that. This formula is repeated in many other advertisements by Samsung Mobile USA, Samsung’s American outpost. The message is that the Samsung Galaxy is the superior tablet.

Outside of advertising, Samsung has also been working to build up its apps. The company has a deal with Amazon to create the Kindle for Samsung app; Samsung Level has a software feature to help personalize the audio experience. Improvements and special features in software like these also help to build up Samsung’s brand.

Where all this brand marketing comes to roost is on Samsung’s website. The tagline “The Next Big Thing is Here” features prominently on the page for its Samsung Galaxy products, with an introduction page dubbed “The Guide to the Galaxy.” While it may be for the smartphone, tablet, and wearable device galaxy, Samsung’s universe still includes non-smart phones, microwaves, and printers.

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