Samsung’s Tablets Get a Christmas Boost, More So Than iPad, Kindle

SAMSUNG tablet

Santa did well by Samsung’s Galaxy tablets, according to data by the touchscreen publishing company, OnSwipe, and its CMO reported that, “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets,” per The company compared user data from the period of time between December 26-29 and December 19-22 in order to measure the growth of different tablet platforms over Christmas.

Samsung’s Galaxy tablets grew by 50.4 percent, according to That’s in comparison to 33.8 percent for Nexus 6 tablets, 20.4 percent for iPads, and 19.5 percent for Kindle Fires. Granted, we only have percentages to go on: Samsung started with much less of the market share, so it didn’t have to make ginormous gains in order to beat out it’s competition over the Christmas holiday, cautions TechCrunch.

OnSwipe’s CMO, Jason Baptiste, speculates that although Samsung saw great growth over the holiday season, they still comprise a tiny piece of the tablet puzzle in comparison with long-time favorites like the iPad. Baptiste added that, “The same goes for the rest of Android. What will be interesting is seeing whether people still use Android tablets 90 days out from now.”

Baptiste’s group also had some numbers about the length of sessions, reflecting how much consumers are using their new gadgets. The average session time from Samsung users was 3 minutes and 9 seconds post-Christmas, down from 3:22 before the holiday. For iPad users the average session was slightly longer at 4:03 compared with 4:12 before. The Kindle Fire’s users had the longest session times, with an average of 4:51, according to; OnSwipe currently reaches 31 million users.

The cheapest of the Samsung Galaxy tablet line-up currently retails for about $169. The iPad is the priciest of the three tablets surveyed; the iPad mini retails for $399 on the company’s website, whereas the Kindle Fire HD rounds out the group as the cheapest of the bunch, retailing on for $139.

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